Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What are you proposing? 

Our proposals will deliver 14 new sustainable homes, access roads, parking and landscaping at land to the south east of 1-9 St George’s Place. 

Will there be affordable housing? 

30% of the new homes will be affordable. This equates to four of the new homes.  

What about parking? 

24 car parking spaces will be provided in line with Kent County Council’s guidance, with each home allocated one electric vehicle charging point. 21 allocated parking spaces are proposed for the housing with an additional three visitor spaces. This is in accordance with Kent County Council’s standards. 

What about trees?

It is our ambition to preserve the majority of trees and replace those lost.  

Will the new homes be environmentally friendly?  

The Bay Trust appointed Pete Halsall as developer for the project based on the following credentials:

- He is a leading zero carbon developer, described by Building magazine as ‘Britain’s most committed green builder’. 

- A track record in developing innovative and highly sustainable projects in the UK and overseas. 

The scheme will be built using a locally manufactured high performance timber framed system which substantially reduces heating energy demand. 

Will construction be noisy?  

Modern construction methods tend to be less noisy than in the past. Construction hours will be discussed with the Local Planning Authority during the determination process, and it is likely that these will be limited so as to reduce, as much as possible, the impact of noise of nearby residents and local businesses. 

Has planning permission been granted? 

No, we are currently undertaking pre-application consultation. Following this, we will then prepare a planning application. The planning team will analyse all the application documents and plans that will be submitted as part of the application. All these will be available to view on the council’s website once the application has been submitted. We will provide a link from this website to the appropriate page on the council website. 

The summary of their analysis will be presented to a group of elected councillors – the Planning Committee. At a meeting open to the public, they will hear a summary of the application from the planning officers and will also hear from supporters and objectors. They will then decide whether or not the application should be approved. A date for this meeting has not yet been set.  

How can I have my say on the proposals?

You can share your views by clicking the ‘share your views’ tab at the top of this page. Alternatively, you can write to our freepost address Freepost RTXU-JGSR-KHLE, (Glebe Field), Your Shout, 28 China Works, SE1 7SJ. Kent County Council will also hold their own statutory consultation, following the submission of a planning application.